Valentine’s Day in Phuket Thailand 

When it was finally time to check into Sino House Hotel we were given our room key and a voucher for a free welcome drink to pick up across the parking lot at The Glass House. We were also told we were being upgraded to a deluxe room! I had an idea of why but I wouldn’t know for sure until we got into our room. 
When we booked this hotel online we booked through Sino House Hotels website because when you do so you get huge discounts at their spa and restaurant as well as free mini bar. During the booking there was a small box labeled “special requests” and I thought it would be funny to see if they would actually follow through with my request. I simply typed that since it was Valentine’s Day we wanted flower petals on the bed. Well, we got that and got a room upgrade! Now I’m pretty sure the entire staff thought Christina and I were a couple. 
We took an early flight from Chiang Mai down to Phuket and arrived early in the morning (8am). We are still learning so we took a taxi to our hotel but we should have taking a mini bus shuttle because it’s way cheaper. We weren’t able to check in until 2pm so we dropped off our bags at the desk and went to explore the surrounding area. Phuket town really doesn’t have much to do but we found a shopping center and grabbed something to eat. We did some exploring and before we knew it , it was check in time. 

When we were checking in the girl at the reception desk handed us the key and free drink vouchers and told us that we were getting a free room upgrade to a deluxe room. Sino House Hotel is beautiful and has a wonderful staff! 

Our room had a living room area and a kitchen! In front of the living room was a sliding glass door and behind it was our room with a queen size bed covered in pink flower petals in the shape of a heart and a cute little bird cage. We both just started laughing because they actually did what I had asked. We both agreed that this was the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in and the best part? It’s only $50 a night. We took some time to unwind and relax before venturing out in Phuket town again. Our goal for these 2 days was to be pampered! We asked the front desk where we could find a nail salon and he directed us back to the shopping center we went to earlier. Their prices were higher than wanted to we looked up some places on google. We both attempted to follow the map directions but we clearly need some better map skills because we got a little lost. I’ve been using an app called and it’s great for travel because it works offline if you download the map of the town you are visiting before disconnecting from wifi. You can pin places if interest and pin where your hotel is. It show you where you are located and how to get to your destination. We didn’t use it to find the nail salon. We stopped at a gas station and Christina sled for directions but the girl didn’t seem to under stand the address. That’s something I’ve noticed here a lot. The locals often have a hard time with the addresses even if we show it to them in Thai. The way the streets & alleys are here are complicated. If the locals can’t navigate it then how are we supposed to? Lol. We’ve honestly been doing a pretty good job so far! 

Anyways, we made our way back to a main road and ran right into the nail salon! We got gel mani pedis and couldn’t tell if the girls were talking bad about us or not. They did great work! I’ve never seen someone take so much time and use so much details when giving a manicure before. I’m getting over being sick so of course I start having a cough attack while this poor girl is painting my nails. The staff was nice enough to get both Christina and I some hot tea and they kind of laughed as they brought it to us because I couldn’t stop coughing. An older women next to us who was getting a full nail package done, said something in Thai to the girls and then they brought me some of her lemon cough drops. The Thai people are so nice! 
After getting our toes and fingers looking all pretty we went to the 7 eleven across from Sino House and grabbed some Chang beer and snacks. We went back to our deluxe room and ordered pizza! We’ve both been craving pizza so bad. Christina did online ordering and somehow figured out how it works. While we waited we cracked open a beer and watched some tv. They have 1 English Channel but it didn’t work so we watched some Thai tv and then when our pizza got there we watched some American movies in Italian. We only managed to drink one beer and both passed out. 

We woke up the next morning and missed the free breakfast because we slept too late. Today was our spa day! Raintree Spa is located right next to our hotel and as Sino House guests we get 50% off all spa treatments. We walked in and we’re greeted by 2 women who told us to have a seat and brought us spa menus. Neither of us have ever had a full spa package before . I’ve only had a facial done and hate when people try to massage me because it always hurts me. We just went for it! We got the Heavenly Package that included… 

  • Foot scrub
  • Sauna
  • Shower
  • Foot reflexology massage
  • Bubble milk bath
  • Shower
  • Full body oil massage
  • Hand reflexology massage
  • Herbal facial
  • Back and shoulder stretching 

In that order! We asked to have the massages in the same room so we were able experience it together. It was Valentine’s Day so when they told us to shower they asked us if we wanted to take one together. We just laughed and said separate please. We got changed into beautiful sarongs and the women taught us how to tie them into dresses before entering the sauna. I’ve never done a sauna before so it was nice to detox for 30 minutes in there. Both Christina and I couldn’t believe how much we were sweating and were a little confused as to why our noses were dripping. I guess it was just toxins releasing from our bodies. Without going into super details about the massage (it was 4 hours so it would take forever) I’ll just say a few things. 

I’ve never felt so rejuvenated before. It was perfect timing to unwind and to work out some of the kinks in our bodies after spending 2 weeks here. At times I wanted to ask her to stop because it hurt so bad but I just let it happen because I knew after that it would be worth it. I was surprised that my back didn’t crack at all but towards the end during the shoulder and back stretching my left shoulder cracked louder than I’ve ever head. Both me and my massage lady started laughing. We both work up with bruises the next day and sore shoulders from their elbows but it’s all good. It was a nice to spend Valentine’s Day loving ourselves and treating ourself to something nice.
Later that night we walked around and had dinner at a Korean place and Christina surprised me with a cute little rose and candy. I’m so happy I spent Valentine’s Day with my best friend here in Thailand! Before going back to our room we stopped at the reception desk and set up to have a taxi come pick us up the following morning for check out. We were getting ready to head to Koh Phi Phi, an island off the east coast of Phuket. We spent the night re packing our bags and trying to find room for all of our stuff. Since we’ve been here we’ve been doing a lot of shopping and now our suitcases and backpacks are extremely full. 

The next morning a taxi took us to the Rassada Pier where we spent 1,000 bhat for a round trip ticket to Phi Phi with our return trip being any day we wanted. That’s only $28 USD for a round trip ferry. 

I’ll share more about our ferry ride and our beach time in Phi Phi in my next blog post! 
As always, thanks for following our journey! 
We are both having an amazing time but keep talking about how we are excited to come home and eat Mexican! We both miss our dogs and can’t wait to give them so much loving when we get back next week
Xoxo Jayme