Arrived in Bangkok

Just a quick update

We arrived in Bangkok 8 hours ago and things still haven’t sunk in yet. There was a moment when we first got settled into our hostel when Christina and I just kind of looked at each other a laughed because we can’t believe we are on the other side of the world right now. 

Our passports finally have a stamp! After we deboarded our plane we had to head to customs and pass through immigration. The lines were long but the process was easy. We jumped in a taxi and were on our way. We didn’t talk much during our taxi ride because we were just admiring the craziness of Bangkok driving. We both got car sick. Taxis, cars, motor bikes & tuk tuks (a 3 wheeled motor bike taxi) all weaving in and out of traffic. They also drive on the opposite side of the road so that in its self made me a little sick. 

We are staying in a super cute hostel/guesthouse called Laksameenarai Guesthouse. It’s hidden in a little alley behind Trok Mayom Road and right around the corner from a main road (Khao San Road) It’s a traditional Thai wooden house but has a gingerbread house feel to it and is over 130 years old. The location is not on a road you can drive on so we had to walk down an alley area to find it. We were both a little scared because it was dark (9pm) and it’s also our first adventure here. We found it with no problem thanks to a little guideance from our taxi driver and detailed directions from hostel world.

*the room we are staying in is upstairs with a balcony view outside our front door

Cafe/check in lobby
Upon arrival we were greeted by a very nice woman and her adorable little boy. They guided us to our room, gave us a little tour and showed us how to use the basics of our room. We have a small private room with a shared bathroom. The walls are thin so as we were going to bed we could still hear the noise from Trok Mayom. At one point they were blasting Lady Gaga, I know Magen will appreciate that! It’s  3am here now, exactly 12 hours ahead of you guys back home. So, we are basically in the future. 

Our private room
I’m having a hard time sleeping so I figured I’d have time to give you guys an update. 

Christina and I both have an international plan on our phones so we are able to have unlimited texting during our time here with no international fees. There is also wi fi EVERYWHERE so we are able to keep in contact with everyone back home.

In the morning our guesthouse serves complimentary breakfast in the cafe area and then we plan to walk around the main roads to get a feel for the area we are. We are in walking distance from some popular temples and museums so we may explore that as well

Good night! 

Xoxo Jayme