Koh Phi Phi Beach Bunglow

We took the ferry over to Phi Phi Island where we had a mini tropical vacation on a private beach for 2 days!
The ferry ride was a little less than 2 hours to the east in the Indian Ocean. Christina and I think it’s pretty cool that we swam in an ocean not surrounding the states. We found some seats in the lower cabin of the ferry and watched Avatar until we docked. 

Oh! Something I forgot to mention in my post about Phuket! The tv in our hotel room didn’t really have any working English channels so we watched Django Unchained and since I’ve never seen it before, Christina did her own subtitles for me! 
Back to Phi Phi (pronounced Pee Pee)
We docked and grabbed our luggage and then set off to figure out how to get to the resort we had booked. As we were walking off of the dock there was a line of locals holding signs for various hotels in the area. We both assumed they were trying to sell rooms or trying to get you to pay them for a taxi. After walking around Phi Phi’s main area and stopping for a bite to eat we both started to get frustrated that we couldn’t figure out where to find a taxi to our place. After asking a local we were told we needed to take a long boat because that was the only way to make it there. Phi phi is a huge cliff area and our resort was located in the opposite side of there we docked. It was either hike through the jungle and try to figure out how to get there or go back to the guy holding the Rantee Cliff Resort sign. 

We should have done that in the first place because when we got to him he pulled out his list and my name was on it! We waited a little while and when our long boat arrived we hopped in with a few others who were also going to the same place. The long boats here are a cool thing native to Thailand! They are beautiful but unlike any boat I’ve ever been on. 
After 20 minutes of boating we arrived at our resort! We pulled up to the beach and all jumped out. The employees took care of loading and unloading our luggage which was nice because we both got soaked when we jumped off of the boat. We checked in and the woman at the reception counter took us around the corner to our beach front hut! It’s fully made of bamboo and had a perfect view! It was also pretty cheap for the 2 nights. Check out Rantee Cliff Resort if you’re ever in Thailand! I highly recommend it. 
It’s extremely secluded and can only be accessed by boat. If you want to leave you have to request the long boat and pay a fee. There is only one restaurant so we ended up spending a little bit more money then we wanted but it’s all so worth it! We got there in the late afternoon so we spent the rest of the day unwinding and swinging in the hammocks. We grabbed dinner and ate squid! We walked around as much as we could but there really wasn’t anywhere to go.

We took an evening nap in our hut listening to the waves crash on the shore. It was so peaceful. We woke up just in time to coordinate with Magen back home because this was our big night to try and snag some presale Lady Gaga tickets! Since we are 12 hours ahead of time here it was a little confusing trying to figure out when to get online. Our phones pick up that we are in Thailand and wouldn’t allow us access to Ticketmaster but thankfully my mom back home had computer access at work and managed to get us 2 floor tickets! As excited as we were we were still waiting to hear from Magen to see if she also got 2! After a bit of frustration and then an exchange of presale codes, Magen snagged 2 more! Our annual girls trip to Atlanta for a concert is under way and we are all going to see Gaga in November!
The excitement had Christina and I pumped so we cracked upon 2 large Chang beers and made our way to the hammocks where we sang Gaga until we were ready to pass out. 

The next morning we woke up and I went and sat on out little deck while fully taking in the view in front of me! Beautiful is an understatement! We went up to the restaurant for complimentary breakfast and then spent the day laying in the sun! We borrowed some snorkeling equipment from the front desk and I taught Christina the proper way to snorkel. After a few tries she got the hang of it so now we are both excited for our snorkeling reef adventure! 

I usually don’t like just laying on a beach all day but I was so content on this island that I didn’t mind it at all. After we both got fried (we didn’t fully use sunscreen) we went a few feet back up to our hut and opened up the doors while we took a nap. It’s so peaceful falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean. 
When we woke up we walked around and went back to the restaurant for an early dinner. We spent the evening walking around and just chilling in the hammocks. It was a perfect 2 days of relaxation. 

The following day we took our time packing up and sat on our deck to take in the last bit of the island. We checked out and then sat on the beach for an hour while we waited for the long boat to pick us up. 

We hopped in the long boat and were off to the main area of Phi Phi. We had some time look at the shops before the ferry arrived but most of the stuff on the island is way overpriced. We took the 2:30pm ferry back to Phuket and then grabbed a mini bus to our hostel here. We’re now staying at Sleep Sheep for the next 3 nights and we like it here. The dorm room is colorful and we only have 2 other people staying with us so far. We walked around Phuket and found the Indy weekend market. We also went to the local grocery store and grabbed some more gifts to bring home. We both just re packed our bags and are using our new backpacks we bought. That means we are now traveling with 3 different bags but we only have 5 more days left so I think we will mange. 

At the moment we are on the 3rd floor where there is a small hang out area. We tried to watch a movie but the DVD player is missing so we are watching cartoons in Thai. Right now it’s dexter’s laboratory and the only thing I’ve understood was sawasdee which means hello. 
Right now it’s 12:45am on the 18th but there I post this it’ll be a different day.
The next 2 days are dedicated to a snorkeling trip and a boat trip to a beautiful island or two. 
Xoxo Jayme  


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