Over Night Train To Chiang Mai! 

I’m laying in a bed on a train right now. The staff member just put the sheets on and gave us curtains to cover our area. We just made our way back from the bathroom and it was my first time experiencing the squat potty! You enter a small metal room with no toilet. Just two spots to plant your feet and a hole in the middle. Thank god I only had to pee! It’not as easy as it sounds because you’re on a moving train. These style of bathrooms are not very common anymore but they used to be all Thailand had. Not gonna lie. This is a strange experience for me and I feel a tad bit uncomfortable but you will never progress in life without being outside of your comfort zone. 

Christina is in the bed above me but I won’t see her smiling face until morning. She’s the only person I have here so we are of course each others comfort while being on foreign territory. I don’t know how people do solo travel. I mean that’s pretty bad ass but I don’t think I could ever do it. We spoke earlier today about how no matter what, we are now bonded for life! No one besides us will ever understand what we are going through and what kind of change this experience is going to bring us. Pretty cool. 

We were able to watch the super bowl during breakfast and feel a little closer to home. Until the falcons lost that is. Now we’re just going to pretend like we didn’t see it and take back what we said about wishing we were home to watch it with everyone. It was a decent game and I’m sure the disappointment in everyone back home is pretty high. 
I’m going to try and get some sleep but we will see how well that goes considering this train is loud and bumpy. I’m sure we will add more in the morning and post this whenever we get to our next hostel. 

Best sleep so far! I guess the movement of the train helped after all. 

WE’RE HERE! We arrived a couple hours ago and went to Aoi Hostel. We weren’t able to check in yet but they let us leave our bags. We stopped for a traditional Thai Tea (iced) and now we found a restaurant called The Salad Concept! Thank god because I’ve been craving a salad for a few days now. 

Chiang Mai is beautiful so far and I can already tell we are going to like it here. We spend 3 days at Aoi Hostel and then move to another one called Hug Bed 🙂 

More to come soon! 

Xoxo Jayme 


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