Qatar Airways

We made it to Doha! I wrote blog entries throughout the flight so read below. It’s currently 7am here and our final flight to Bangkok leaves at 8:40am
I just woke up from a pretty deep sleep on our Qatar flight to Doha airport. I started getting sick 2 days ago so being on a plane with an extreme sore throat for 11 hours is not fun. Thankful for modern medicine, my mom and my doctor for being so diligent with getting me an antibiotic prescription right before we left. 
As I’m sitting here there is a live map of where we are and currently we just flew over the very northern tip of Africa. Until now we have been over water for the past 5 hours. Our original seats were not next to each other but this flight isn’t even half way full so now Christina and I have a row to ourselves. They served dinner and we both got the chicken plate 

Qatar Airways is like nothing I’ve seen before. The first/business class is beautiful and has sleeping pods for guests. Of course we are poor so we are in economy but there’s nothing negative about it except for the seats being a little too close to the row in front of you. The flight crew is not only the most attractive crew I’ve ever seen but one of the nicest. 

All the flight attendants are so helpful and seem happy to be here. Before our flight left the airport they went around giving out all kind of necessities. Headphones for the tvs where you can watch a selection of movies and shows including Little Miss Sunshine, Bobs Burgers, Friends and more. They also gave us sleeping masks, blankets, pillows, a toothbrush & socks. Pretty cool. We were also given a half sandwhich and ice cream as a snack. They just served us breakfast with 3 options to choose from, scrambled eggs with veggies, turkey sausage & frittata and a vegetarian option. I got the turkey sausage and it was served with a roasted tomato stuffed with quinoa. Christina got the vegetarian and it was a mixture of some kind of curry, potatoes & quinoa. All meals came with fruit, orange juice, croissant and yogurt. As I’m typing this part we are about 2 hours away from the Doha airport. Before we know it we will be in settled into our first hostel In Bangkok! 

Xoxo Jayme 


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