Hello New York! 

                         So it begins.

We’re in New York! Our journey to Thailand has begun and I couldn’t be more excited. 

Christina just experienced her very first plane ride and even got her wings. She was a champ and took take off better than I expected. Our flight from Savannah to New York was smooth sailing and so beautiful. Our flight left at 5:30pm so we were able to watch the sunset from above. It was my first time flying with JetBlue and I’m impressed. It’s my new favorite airline. They offer more than the typical domestic flight. Each seat had its own built in tv with so many different options. Next time I’ll remember to bring headphones so I can actually utilize it. 
We will be in New York over night so be sure to watch our snap chats for more on our experience on sleeping in an airport. We are thinking about taking an uber into the city for a few hours to grab dinner but do we really want to carry our luggage around with us. We shall see. 

By the way… it’s snowing here! (Kind of)
We chatted with one of the JetBlue employees while checking in and turns out he has been to Thailand before. He asked us if we realized that our lives were about to change because of this experience. I can only hope so! I can’t believe this is actually happening. That an idea Christina had less than a year ago is falling into place. I would have never in a million years ever thought I’d be going to a different country none the less with my best friend! 

We’re hanging out in the airport all night and I already dropped and cracked my phone so this should be fun.

We’ll be sure to continue to keep you guys updated. 
Our next flight leaves at 10am tomorrow and we head to Qatar for another layover. 
Xoxo Jayme 


6 thoughts on “Hello New York! ”

  1. Traviling to other countries will open your eyes to the meaning of life. Make sure you see and do everything you can. Chances of going back to do what you wish you would have done the first time around are few. This will change how you see yourself, your friends and family, even how you see things back home in general. You will understand when you get back to Savannah. This is going to change your whole life and the way you see it, trust me. Take lots of pictures and write EVERYTHING down. You may think you won’t forget something but you will and you will be happy that you took the extra photo or wrote down what the room looked like. Everything is worth writing or capturing in a photo. Have fun and be safe. I’ll keep looking for more blogs! Safe travels!

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