One Week Until Departure



I woke up this morning filled with anxiety as today marks the official one week point until we leave Savannah. Things are starting to feel overwhelming and exciting all at the same time.

Today has been filled with working side jobs for extra money and last minute shopping for things I forgot. Christina and I have been texting non stop and spending a lot of time making sure we have all the essential needs.

You don’t really understand how much you need for an international trip until your departure date creeps up on you.

Now, this trip is not like a normal vacation where you pack your suite case full of super cute outfits & accessories and head to a decent hotel for a week.

We aren’t spending our time in one place nor are we spending a lot of time in hotels. Our trip is filled with constant travel between 3 major cities & surrounding Thai islands. We have pretty much everything mapped out and we will be hitting the central area (Bangkok), northern region (Chiang Mai) and then heading down south (Phuket, Phi Phi Islands, & Krabi areas) Our means of travel will be everything you can think of from trains to planes to boats and taxis. We are staying mostly in HOSTELS with dorm style rooms where you bunk with 6-10 other travelers (we did splurge and have a nice hotel and a hut on the beach set up as well).

This means we are being EXTRA careful with our belongings and how we are packing. We are essentially packing 2 and a half weeks of life into a small carry on and a backpack. We have to be careful with where we store our money, credit cards, phones, camera & passports. Trying to be safe with our possessions and having a game plan has been an adventure in itself. Honestly, anytime you travel you should be cautious of your belongings but I’ve only ever traveled around the US and usually you don’t think about things like this.

Luckily my grandma has a good friend who has been living/working in Thailand on and off for 25 years so we have plenty of local Thai’s to contact while we are there for any advice or help. My Neighbor, Chariya, is also native to Thailand so I think we are all set.

Anyways, I think I can speak on behalf of the both of us when I say we are excited and nervous all at same time. The anxiety of the unknown is what’s been really getting to me because as much as we have been planning, there’s still that feeling of having no idea what we are getting ourselves into. But, that’s the thrill of it all!

Xoxo – Jayme


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