Coming to an end. 

Back in Bangkok!
We flew back to Bangkok a right around 24 hours ago and we are both so happy to be back here. ( I wrote this part way before posting it) This city is so full of life and we both enjoy our time here. Our original plans to stay in a shared dorm hostel changed after talking to a couple we met during our day with the elephants. They told us about D & D inn right on Khao San Road. We looked it up and booked it right away. We have a small room with a queen bed and a bathroom. Nothing major but perfect for us to be able to have space to leave our belongings out. This is also giving us a chance to re pack anything that we need to before heading home. 
We went out last night for our final night out in Thailand. Khao San is never boring so we of course had a great time! We stopped at a little bar and both got buckets. Buckets here are literally sand buckets filled with a liquor and mixer of your choice. We sat next to a vibrant couple who immediately introduced themselves. They were from Denmark and we ended up hanging out with them for the night. 

My favorite thing about being here has been all the amazing people we have met. Conversing and learning about each ones journey is really eye opening to how much the world really has to offer. Up until now I had always been afraid of things like this. I love traveling around America and going on adventures but the thought of being so far from home had always scared me. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Christina and her passion for wanting to travel! I also wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Michael teaching me so much about life during his short time here on earth. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have a supportive boss like I do who allowed me to take the time off. I also wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have a great family and support system back home because they all have been so supportive of me and completely understood why I needed to be here.  
After a night out we spent the next day visiting our last place on our list, Wat Pho! It’s another temple here and is known for its huge reclining Buddha statue. They weren’t kidding when that said huge! The statue is massive and far bigger than what we though it was going to be. It amazes me to see all of these beautiful pieces of art and to know the time it took to create them. It’s very hot in Bangkok and both us if are exhausted after 3 weeks of Thailand travel. We walked back to our hotel to take a break before heading out to shop at some vendors and grab some street food. This will be our last moment here and last night before I fell asleep I kept replaying everything we have done here. 

3 weeks came and went so fast. A week and a half ago I thought this trip was taking forever but now that it’s over I feel like it went by so fast. I think 3 weeks is the perfect amount of time for a trip like this and I can’t wait to visit another place soon. I also can’t wait to be back home! You don’t realize all the little things you appreciate until you do something like this. It’s been a journey and I’m so happy to have done it! 

For those of you who have been following us I hope one day you adventure too. We sometimes get stuck in our little bubbles back home and forget that there is so much to explore and discover even in our own country! 
It’s 8am here and I can’t sleep because I’m so excited to go home! Our flight leaves this evening but we are heading to the airport after we check out of our hotel. It’ll be a long way home but getting to the airport early is something Christina and I agreed on because it feels like one step closer to the states. We will fly from Bangkok to Qatar on a 6 hour flight and land around 1:30am. After an hour layover we will spend 12 hours flying to New York! We have an 8 hour layover there and have some plans of visiting manhattan for a few hours. Then, we fly to Savannah and We land Thursday around 6:30pm.
See you soon! 
Xoxo Jayme 


Jayme’s Thoughts & Back In Phuket 

As we come to the end of our trip we can both feel ourselves getting burnt out. It’s been a great adventure so far and I’m so proud of the both of us for all the things we have accomplished since we’ve been in Thailand. 
I read something the other day that an old friend of mine left in a comment under a picture of a group of us from high school. She mentioned how it was crazy how time has gone by so fast (going on 8 years since we graduated) and she listed what each of us are doing with our lives. A huge smile came across my face when she said “Jayme is out there traveling the world”. Some of us have moved away from Savannah and started careers. Some of us are married or engaged. Some of us have kids. Some of us are off to graduate school and some of us are off exploring what the world has to offer. I love watching everyone’s life journey and seeing other people’s lives develop. We’ve all chosen a path and I’m so happy I have been choosing to explore life, adventure, & be in the moment that is in front of me. It took me a while to fully understand what that meant. I had this picture in my head, like most of us do, as a kid. I wanted to have an amazing career, get married and have my first kid by the time I was 25. That kind of seems like the right thing to do and it’s a thing I think many of us are taught to think is what we SHOULD do. Well, I’m pushing 26 now and I couldn’t imagine doing anything different than I have done up to thus moment. So I just wanted to take the time to give props to all of you out there where ever your path has taken you thus far. To the moms, dads, college students, hard working employees, travelers, caretakers, the ones who choose the path less followed, the ones still trying to figure things out. Whatever point you are at in your life, you’re doing it and I’m proud of you. 

Okay, so here is an update for you guys. Phuket is not really what we thought it was going to be. The location we choose for our hostel is in Phuket Town and when looking at the map we thought it was basically like a downtown area close to the pier. I had imagined the pier to be more of a beach area but it’s really just a docking area for ferry boats in a small river area. Since we are both worn down a little we opted to not book a day trip island hopping. I keep reminding myself of something we both read in a blog while researching Thailand. A guy mentioned that Thailand, mostly the island areas, has so much to do and offer but to remember that you can’t do and see everything. Our trip is only a total of 3 weeks and that’s not near enough time for us to do everything we wanted and that’s ok! 

Our first day back in Phuket was spent hanging out at the hostel and walking around. We are actually right in the same part of town as we were when we stayed at Sino House so we kind of know the area. That day was a blur for me to be honest so there’s not much detail I have for you. The following day we mapped out a few places we wanted to visit and pinned them on my app. This app has been a lifesaver because it works offline and gives you directions to destinations you’ve pinned. We wanted to try and maybe find a half day snorkeling trip but we thought it would be best to take a taxi over to the west to Patong beach to try and find a tour company. What a train wreck that experience was. 

We flagged down some taxis and they were charging 600 Bhat which is way out of our budget at this point. We managed to flag down a taxi truck and he gave us the same price. One thing to note about the taxi drivers here.. they can spot a tourist from a mile away and honk at you until you tell them that you don’t need a taxi service. It’s a tad annoying constantly being bombarded with drivers asking us “where you go? Need taxi?” Every time we walk around but that’s all part of the experience. The guy in the taxi truck told us that he could take us to the bus station for 50 bhat each and then we can catch a bus to Patong beach. We just went for it. After getting in the back of the truck he came to us and tried to explain that he wanted to take us somewhere for 10 minutes to shop/look around but no need to buy anything. I honestly didn’t understand what he meant so we just said okay. I thought he meant he needed to stop somewhere and we would wait for him. I was completely wrong. See, the taxi drivers here try to scam you by insisting to take you somewhere but then they end up taking you somewhere else because they make a commission. Kind of like a third party thing. He ended up taking us to a jewelry store and insisted that we go inside just to look around for 10 minutes. What I got from this was that he has some kind of deal worked out with the jewelry store where if he brings them customers he will make a commission off of the sale. Christina and I walked around in the store completely annoyed the whole time. The employees following our every move didn’t help either. 
My brain went into survival mode while we were there. Thailand is known for its underground sex slave trading so in my head I’m thinking this was some kind of weird set up where we were going to be kidnapped and taken to the basement in the jewelry store. A bit dramatic I know but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. I kept a decent look out of our surroundings and made sure I knew where all the doors were. When we were ready to leave we followed a strange path where the exit signs were and both just kept saying how weird the experience was. We got our safe! Lol 
Really the taxi driver was just trying to make money but the whole situation really irritated me so by the time we got dropped off at the bus station we both decided we didn’t need to go to Patong. Also, we knew exactly where we were and we could have walked to the bus station. We we lost 50 bhat each but I know we will be laughing about it later on. 
We went back to Sleep Sheep hostel to collect ourselves and then set out again to head to Monkey Hill and the Phuket Viewpoint. 

Using we were able to navigate to the entrance road to the mountain. It was a 20 minute walk there but walking up the “hill” was another story. We began our trek up and both quickly learned why the reviews said the hike is rough. A little less than half way up they close off the road so cars don’t have any access. This is a popular hike for locals to come for a workout. At the point where the road is closed is a restaurant,temple area, & people selling food for you to give to the monkeys. 
TRIGGER ALERT: there was a monkey tied up to a tree in the area and both Christina and I kind of got upset about it because he didn’t have much room to move and was pacing in circles. We just assumed that maybe he was there just as a “welcome to monkey hill” and that he was let free after closing. We were so wrong!! On our way down it was late and the place was closed. This poor monkey was still chained up to the tree without a person in sight! How cruel? Hundreds of monkeys up too are all free and wild and roam the jungle as they please but this ONE monkey has to live a life tied to a tree. We thought about releasing him but we also don’t want to do anything here to get us into any legal trouble. I plan on contacting the founder of Girls Love Travel about this story to see if there is anything that can be done. I can’t physically do anything but I can talk about it make it known. It’s just really upsetting but something I have learned here is to just keep walking when animals are involved. This country is filled with wild dogs. In the beginning of our trip I got really upset when I saw them because it’s a reminder of how lucky our dogs back home are. I know the dogs here are happy and fed so that a plus but it’s just so strange to see a dog wonder the road and not even get a tail wag out of say hello to them. I took this picture for awareness, not for entertainment 

Back to the hike…
We took breaks along the way and once we got half way up I was so confused as to why this spot was called monkey hill but there were no monkeys. The rest of the hike on the map showed that we were heading to the view point. I got a little upset that we came all this way and saw no monkeys. I sat down at a rest area and Christina went off to explore. After 20 minutes of being attacked by bugs I got up and decided to keep going just to see what was at the top. I ran into Christina while she was on her way down and she said all the monkeys were at the top and it wasn’t too much further. She sat down for a break as I headed to the top. 
Monkeys everywhere!!! In the road, on the rails, in the trees. It was a cool thing to see. There were a lot of babies and some of them were feeding from their moms. I don’t know if it’s mating season but there were also a few of them having sexual relations so I kindly looked away. The sun was going down so it was starting to get dark but I watched as a few people fed the group of monkeys in the street. When I reached for my bag to grab my camera the monkeys swarmed me because they thought I had food. It was a bit of a scary feeling being alone essentially in the dark surrounded by wild hungry monkeys but I managed to back away slowly. I snapped some pictures and videos and headed back down. Before getting away from the monkey area I got stuck watching 2 males going at it with each other. I just kind of froze and didn’t move until it was over. These things can be dangerous and I didn’t really want to come home with battle scars. By this point it was completely dark and I was all alone so I’ll admit I was scared. 

I met back up with Christina and we walked back down the mountain and headed to dinner. We just had a crazy workout so we worked up an appetite for some sushi at a local Japanese restaurant.
Earlier that day we had lunch at a rasta bar and our server invited us to come back that night for some live music. After dinner we headed to the bar and enjoyed some cocktails while watching a super cool band play. Our server from earlier even got on stage to sing some songs. She kept trying to get Christina and I to come on stage and sing with her. We knew every song they played so they were all interacting with us. After the show the lead singer stopped to talked to talk to us and we of course we had to snap a selfie. His name is Moosah and is truly one of the happiest people I have ever met. He has this beautiful presence about him and you can tell he’s a genuine soul. We may go back tonight.

Today so far has been uneventful and thats completely fine with me. We did go grab lunch at a cafe called B Cat Cafe. The name should have given it away bevause the hang out area was filled with adorable cats! I paid the extra 50 bhat to go in and hang out with them. We haven’t really been able to give love to any animals here because they all live on the streets are aren’t really excited about human interaction. So I had to go and spend some time playing and petting the kitties. I’m missing my boo boo, Charlee , back home and although petting a cat is nothing like petting a dog, it was still fun.
Tomorrow we check out of our hostel and have an early evening flight back to Bangkok. By the time I post this and you all read it, it’ll already be tomorrow. 

Christina and I are both excited to go back to Bangkok! We changed our original hostel plans and decided to book a hotel with a roof top pool. We will spend 2 nights in Bangkok and then begin our journey back home

Thanks for keeping us with us!
Xoxo Jayme 

Koh Phi Phi Beach Bunglow

We took the ferry over to Phi Phi Island where we had a mini tropical vacation on a private beach for 2 days!
The ferry ride was a little less than 2 hours to the east in the Indian Ocean. Christina and I think it’s pretty cool that we swam in an ocean not surrounding the states. We found some seats in the lower cabin of the ferry and watched Avatar until we docked. 

Oh! Something I forgot to mention in my post about Phuket! The tv in our hotel room didn’t really have any working English channels so we watched Django Unchained and since I’ve never seen it before, Christina did her own subtitles for me! 
Back to Phi Phi (pronounced Pee Pee)
We docked and grabbed our luggage and then set off to figure out how to get to the resort we had booked. As we were walking off of the dock there was a line of locals holding signs for various hotels in the area. We both assumed they were trying to sell rooms or trying to get you to pay them for a taxi. After walking around Phi Phi’s main area and stopping for a bite to eat we both started to get frustrated that we couldn’t figure out where to find a taxi to our place. After asking a local we were told we needed to take a long boat because that was the only way to make it there. Phi phi is a huge cliff area and our resort was located in the opposite side of there we docked. It was either hike through the jungle and try to figure out how to get there or go back to the guy holding the Rantee Cliff Resort sign. 

We should have done that in the first place because when we got to him he pulled out his list and my name was on it! We waited a little while and when our long boat arrived we hopped in with a few others who were also going to the same place. The long boats here are a cool thing native to Thailand! They are beautiful but unlike any boat I’ve ever been on. 
After 20 minutes of boating we arrived at our resort! We pulled up to the beach and all jumped out. The employees took care of loading and unloading our luggage which was nice because we both got soaked when we jumped off of the boat. We checked in and the woman at the reception counter took us around the corner to our beach front hut! It’s fully made of bamboo and had a perfect view! It was also pretty cheap for the 2 nights. Check out Rantee Cliff Resort if you’re ever in Thailand! I highly recommend it. 
It’s extremely secluded and can only be accessed by boat. If you want to leave you have to request the long boat and pay a fee. There is only one restaurant so we ended up spending a little bit more money then we wanted but it’s all so worth it! We got there in the late afternoon so we spent the rest of the day unwinding and swinging in the hammocks. We grabbed dinner and ate squid! We walked around as much as we could but there really wasn’t anywhere to go.

We took an evening nap in our hut listening to the waves crash on the shore. It was so peaceful. We woke up just in time to coordinate with Magen back home because this was our big night to try and snag some presale Lady Gaga tickets! Since we are 12 hours ahead of time here it was a little confusing trying to figure out when to get online. Our phones pick up that we are in Thailand and wouldn’t allow us access to Ticketmaster but thankfully my mom back home had computer access at work and managed to get us 2 floor tickets! As excited as we were we were still waiting to hear from Magen to see if she also got 2! After a bit of frustration and then an exchange of presale codes, Magen snagged 2 more! Our annual girls trip to Atlanta for a concert is under way and we are all going to see Gaga in November!
The excitement had Christina and I pumped so we cracked upon 2 large Chang beers and made our way to the hammocks where we sang Gaga until we were ready to pass out. 

The next morning we woke up and I went and sat on out little deck while fully taking in the view in front of me! Beautiful is an understatement! We went up to the restaurant for complimentary breakfast and then spent the day laying in the sun! We borrowed some snorkeling equipment from the front desk and I taught Christina the proper way to snorkel. After a few tries she got the hang of it so now we are both excited for our snorkeling reef adventure! 

I usually don’t like just laying on a beach all day but I was so content on this island that I didn’t mind it at all. After we both got fried (we didn’t fully use sunscreen) we went a few feet back up to our hut and opened up the doors while we took a nap. It’s so peaceful falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean. 
When we woke up we walked around and went back to the restaurant for an early dinner. We spent the evening walking around and just chilling in the hammocks. It was a perfect 2 days of relaxation. 

The following day we took our time packing up and sat on our deck to take in the last bit of the island. We checked out and then sat on the beach for an hour while we waited for the long boat to pick us up. 

We hopped in the long boat and were off to the main area of Phi Phi. We had some time look at the shops before the ferry arrived but most of the stuff on the island is way overpriced. We took the 2:30pm ferry back to Phuket and then grabbed a mini bus to our hostel here. We’re now staying at Sleep Sheep for the next 3 nights and we like it here. The dorm room is colorful and we only have 2 other people staying with us so far. We walked around Phuket and found the Indy weekend market. We also went to the local grocery store and grabbed some more gifts to bring home. We both just re packed our bags and are using our new backpacks we bought. That means we are now traveling with 3 different bags but we only have 5 more days left so I think we will mange. 

At the moment we are on the 3rd floor where there is a small hang out area. We tried to watch a movie but the DVD player is missing so we are watching cartoons in Thai. Right now it’s dexter’s laboratory and the only thing I’ve understood was sawasdee which means hello. 
Right now it’s 12:45am on the 18th but there I post this it’ll be a different day.
The next 2 days are dedicated to a snorkeling trip and a boat trip to a beautiful island or two. 
Xoxo Jayme  

Valentine’s Day in Phuket Thailand 

When it was finally time to check into Sino House Hotel we were given our room key and a voucher for a free welcome drink to pick up across the parking lot at The Glass House. We were also told we were being upgraded to a deluxe room! I had an idea of why but I wouldn’t know for sure until we got into our room. 
When we booked this hotel online we booked through Sino House Hotels website because when you do so you get huge discounts at their spa and restaurant as well as free mini bar. During the booking there was a small box labeled “special requests” and I thought it would be funny to see if they would actually follow through with my request. I simply typed that since it was Valentine’s Day we wanted flower petals on the bed. Well, we got that and got a room upgrade! Now I’m pretty sure the entire staff thought Christina and I were a couple. 
We took an early flight from Chiang Mai down to Phuket and arrived early in the morning (8am). We are still learning so we took a taxi to our hotel but we should have taking a mini bus shuttle because it’s way cheaper. We weren’t able to check in until 2pm so we dropped off our bags at the desk and went to explore the surrounding area. Phuket town really doesn’t have much to do but we found a shopping center and grabbed something to eat. We did some exploring and before we knew it , it was check in time. 

When we were checking in the girl at the reception desk handed us the key and free drink vouchers and told us that we were getting a free room upgrade to a deluxe room. Sino House Hotel is beautiful and has a wonderful staff! 

Our room had a living room area and a kitchen! In front of the living room was a sliding glass door and behind it was our room with a queen size bed covered in pink flower petals in the shape of a heart and a cute little bird cage. We both just started laughing because they actually did what I had asked. We both agreed that this was the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in and the best part? It’s only $50 a night. We took some time to unwind and relax before venturing out in Phuket town again. Our goal for these 2 days was to be pampered! We asked the front desk where we could find a nail salon and he directed us back to the shopping center we went to earlier. Their prices were higher than wanted to we looked up some places on google. We both attempted to follow the map directions but we clearly need some better map skills because we got a little lost. I’ve been using an app called and it’s great for travel because it works offline if you download the map of the town you are visiting before disconnecting from wifi. You can pin places if interest and pin where your hotel is. It show you where you are located and how to get to your destination. We didn’t use it to find the nail salon. We stopped at a gas station and Christina sled for directions but the girl didn’t seem to under stand the address. That’s something I’ve noticed here a lot. The locals often have a hard time with the addresses even if we show it to them in Thai. The way the streets & alleys are here are complicated. If the locals can’t navigate it then how are we supposed to? Lol. We’ve honestly been doing a pretty good job so far! 

Anyways, we made our way back to a main road and ran right into the nail salon! We got gel mani pedis and couldn’t tell if the girls were talking bad about us or not. They did great work! I’ve never seen someone take so much time and use so much details when giving a manicure before. I’m getting over being sick so of course I start having a cough attack while this poor girl is painting my nails. The staff was nice enough to get both Christina and I some hot tea and they kind of laughed as they brought it to us because I couldn’t stop coughing. An older women next to us who was getting a full nail package done, said something in Thai to the girls and then they brought me some of her lemon cough drops. The Thai people are so nice! 
After getting our toes and fingers looking all pretty we went to the 7 eleven across from Sino House and grabbed some Chang beer and snacks. We went back to our deluxe room and ordered pizza! We’ve both been craving pizza so bad. Christina did online ordering and somehow figured out how it works. While we waited we cracked open a beer and watched some tv. They have 1 English Channel but it didn’t work so we watched some Thai tv and then when our pizza got there we watched some American movies in Italian. We only managed to drink one beer and both passed out. 

We woke up the next morning and missed the free breakfast because we slept too late. Today was our spa day! Raintree Spa is located right next to our hotel and as Sino House guests we get 50% off all spa treatments. We walked in and we’re greeted by 2 women who told us to have a seat and brought us spa menus. Neither of us have ever had a full spa package before . I’ve only had a facial done and hate when people try to massage me because it always hurts me. We just went for it! We got the Heavenly Package that included… 

  • Foot scrub
  • Sauna
  • Shower
  • Foot reflexology massage
  • Bubble milk bath
  • Shower
  • Full body oil massage
  • Hand reflexology massage
  • Herbal facial
  • Back and shoulder stretching 

In that order! We asked to have the massages in the same room so we were able experience it together. It was Valentine’s Day so when they told us to shower they asked us if we wanted to take one together. We just laughed and said separate please. We got changed into beautiful sarongs and the women taught us how to tie them into dresses before entering the sauna. I’ve never done a sauna before so it was nice to detox for 30 minutes in there. Both Christina and I couldn’t believe how much we were sweating and were a little confused as to why our noses were dripping. I guess it was just toxins releasing from our bodies. Without going into super details about the massage (it was 4 hours so it would take forever) I’ll just say a few things. 

I’ve never felt so rejuvenated before. It was perfect timing to unwind and to work out some of the kinks in our bodies after spending 2 weeks here. At times I wanted to ask her to stop because it hurt so bad but I just let it happen because I knew after that it would be worth it. I was surprised that my back didn’t crack at all but towards the end during the shoulder and back stretching my left shoulder cracked louder than I’ve ever head. Both me and my massage lady started laughing. We both work up with bruises the next day and sore shoulders from their elbows but it’s all good. It was a nice to spend Valentine’s Day loving ourselves and treating ourself to something nice.
Later that night we walked around and had dinner at a Korean place and Christina surprised me with a cute little rose and candy. I’m so happy I spent Valentine’s Day with my best friend here in Thailand! Before going back to our room we stopped at the reception desk and set up to have a taxi come pick us up the following morning for check out. We were getting ready to head to Koh Phi Phi, an island off the east coast of Phuket. We spent the night re packing our bags and trying to find room for all of our stuff. Since we’ve been here we’ve been doing a lot of shopping and now our suitcases and backpacks are extremely full. 

The next morning a taxi took us to the Rassada Pier where we spent 1,000 bhat for a round trip ticket to Phi Phi with our return trip being any day we wanted. That’s only $28 USD for a round trip ferry. 

I’ll share more about our ferry ride and our beach time in Phi Phi in my next blog post! 
As always, thanks for following our journey! 
We are both having an amazing time but keep talking about how we are excited to come home and eat Mexican! We both miss our dogs and can’t wait to give them so much loving when we get back next week
Xoxo Jayme 

The Temple On Doi Suthep

We were told by a local here that if you don’t go visit Wat Prah That Doi Suthep then you really never even came to Chiang Mai.

We decided to use our last day in the city to go explore the temple on top of the mountain. Man, are we glad we did! Something about this place moved me to really have a better understanding and appreciation for Thailand and the things this temple represent. 
Here’s a little history:
“According to a popular version of the legend a monk from Sukhothai was in possession of a relic believed to be a shoulder bone of The Buddha. This relic was believed to have magical powers and was sacred because it was apparently the real bone of Buddha. Legend has it that in order to decide where to build the temple, a white elephant needed to be set free to roam around and wherever it died would be the landmark where the temple would be built. To choose the location for the new temple, the relic was placed on the back of a sacred white elephant that was then set free to go where ever it wanted. The elephant climbed up Doi Suthep mountain and just before it arrived at the top, it trumpeted three times and died. This was taken as a sign that this was the place to build a temple to house the relic.”
For more information click here

We hired a red truck driver to take us up the mountain and wait for us while we explored. It only cost us 600 bhat ($17 USD) and we were allowed to take as much time as we wanted. One down side to Thailand is the roads and how we aren’t used to the way they drive here. For starters, they drive on the opposite side of the road than we do but there are also hardly any traffic lights and people cut off other people left and right. There’s really no such thing as merging either. It’s more like just drive into traffic and hope that you don’t get into an accident. This is the same for crossing the street! We kind of just have to run in the middle of the road and hope the cars and scooters slow down. Driving up a winding road in the back of a truck had us both feeling sick. It took about 40 minutes from our hostel to the top and our driver was even kind enough to walk us up to the temple entrance. We had two options, take the lift (sideways elevator) or walk up the hand built 306 staircase. We opted for the lift! 

Upon arrival we bought our temple tickets and lift pass as a combo for 50 bhat ( $1.50 USD). Not bad at all to visit an extremely famous and important temple. We took the lift up and when it opened we were both in awe of how big the place was. We stopped to take our shoes off because feet are considered the dirtiest part of the body here and you are asked to take your shoes off before entering places. We spent a good hour walking around the outside of the temple admiring all handcrafted details of the buildings. There is now way I can even begin to describe how beautiful it is. We rang the meditation bells and saw an amazing view of Chiang Mai city from above. It was a tad cloudy so we weren’t able to fully enjoy the view but it was still a beautiful sight to see. We were looking down on the area of town where our hostel was located. 

The amount of things to see at this temple were endless. Buddha images and carvings everywhere. Emerald Buddha statues and gold carvings of different Buddha images. Dragons lining stairways and buddist monks practicing their work in mini shrine areas. We witnessed a monk receiving offerings of money and thanking people by wrapping white string around their wrists. How lucky are we that we got to spend the day on top of a mountain at one of the most sacred places in the city. 

We finally decided to enter into the actual temple where we got a taste of how symbolic this place is for the locals. There was an area where you could buy flowers & candles as offerings and then you proceed to the prayer circle. This essentially is a square where locals walk around a large gold statue and chant a prayer in Thai. We didn’t partake as we felt it would be disrespectful because we didn’t fully understand what was going on. So we just watched and admired what was happening. We passed an area where a reclining Buddha is located and watched as people kneeled down, lit candles and prayed. It was adorable watching a mother teach her young child what to do and showed him how to place his candle on the candle stick post. We spent quite some time inside the temple walking around and checking out all of the carvings and statues. I kid you not, there must have been at least 300 different Buddha statues and each set is changed our each day because they all represent something different. Temples rely on offerings to keep up with everything so as you walk around you will see coins in the hands of some of the Buddha. I found a beautiful gold one and offered a few bhat as a thank you. We got to see the famous white elephant carving which is extremely symbolic (refer to the history above). They also had coffee shops within the grounds which I thought was kind of cool because coffee if a big thing here. 
We took the lift back down and found the biggest monk statue I’ve ever seen! We both decided to light some incense and say a little thank you as an offering in front of the monk. This was a cool moment for me because up until then I hadn’t felt comfortable in joining in on any of the religious stuff but being here for 2 weeks now and having time to learn about everything, I felt it was okay because it finally meant something. 
Our driver was so kind to wait for us on a bench outside of the temple grounds and even let us to a little shopping at the vendors on our walk back to the taxi truck. The ride back down the mountain was worse that riding up and Christina and I both got sick, again. Once we returned to our hostel we took some time to relax before heading out to find some street food and explore the Sunday night market. We had to prepare ourselfs for our early flight the next morning so we talked to our hosts at our hostel about checking out early. The husband offered to come into the office early to check us out and even give us a ride to the airport, for an extra fee of course. Now that we had all of that set up we were able to go out and enjoy our very last night in Chiang Mai. 

The night market was not too far from where we were staying and we were able to finish up all of our shopping for the trip! We also found a section of street food and decided to grab a few things to share. I don’t think I’ve talked much about the food here but it’s so good! Street food is the equivalent of food vendors you see on River Street during events. These vendors are way cheaper! We’re talking just 30-50 bhat for food ($0.50-$2.00 USD). Christina and I have been sharing everything! When we go to a restaurant we order 2 meals but share them so we can experience all kinds of food. Choosing street food helps to save a little on money but is also well worth it because it’s usually really good! 

We tried to go to bed early and we were up at 4am to meet our host in the lobby for check out. He drove us 15 minutes to the airport where we went through the smallest security booth I’ve ever seen! This airport is very small and a lot different than what I am used to. Our flight left at 6:20 to head south to Phuket, the biggest island in Thailand. We ended up arriving a half hour earlier than expected but we were able to grab a taxi and drive maybe 30 minutes southeast to our hotel! Yes, an actual hotel! Since it’s around Valentine’s Day and we’re 2 weeks into our trip we wanted to treat ourselves to a nice hotel so we had time to relax. 
We couldn’t check in when we got there but they were kind enough to let us leave our bags in a closet while we walked around the town. 
Want to know how we got upgraded to a deluxe room with flowers all over our bed? Be on the look out for my next post where I’ll talk about our first 2 days in Phuket and our royal treatment.
Xoxo Jayme 

We learned to cook! 

We checked into our new hostel a couple days ago and are very pleased with it! Although the beds aren’t the best for comfort, the staff is wonderful! Hug Bed Hostel is owned by a married couple who are local to Chiang Mai. The wife’s mother is here helping them run the place and cooks street food right out front. We are on a very busy road right outside of the Old City walls. I wish I knew the mothers name so I could praise her here lol. She is one of the sweetest people we have met here. Everyone in Thailand so far has been nothing but nice and helpful but something about this woman is special. We sat outside in the hang out area with her and learned she recently came back from America! She was so excited to find out we were from the states because she just spent 4 months working as a chef at a hotel in Miami! Before that she spent 6 months in Albany, New York working at her friends Thai restaurant. She reminds me a lot of my next door neighbor back home, Chriyah. She too is a chef and owns her own restaurant in Thunderbolt. If you’ve never been, go now! My sister is a server there and the food is almost comparable to the food here. 
Anyways, our new Thai friend (that’s what I’ll call her for now) noticed that we were looking for a cooking class so she suggested a place called Siam Garden Cooking School. Her exact words were “this best cooking class here, other cooking class not so nice but all the workers here are so nice! Like me!”. So we took her word for it and she set it all up for us. For only 900 Bhat ($25 USD) we were picked up and spent the afternoon/evening learning how to cook 6 Thai dishes.
Our ride was a little late picking us up but we later learned it was because there were 16 people signed up for the class and not enough room in the truck. We got special treatment and rode in the car with a young girl who works at Siam Garden. We went around the corner to a local market where we met up with the rest of the group. One of the instructors took us around to different stands and explained what all the herbs and ingredients were and what they were used for! We even got to sample each herb. After buying fresh ingredients for our meals we took a 30 minute drive outside the city area to where Siam Garden is located. 

We were given water, coffee, & tea as well as aprons to change into. When the cooking classes began we all sat together at a long table where we found our name cards and plates with ingredients. Before we arrived at the garden we all had to fill out a name card where we selected what foods we wanted to cook. Christina and I both choose the same things so that we could learn together. We started off with a soup. We choose prawn and coconut milk soup and we’re instructed on how to cut the herbs, mushrooms & chilis. I’m not going to go into details about each meal but I’ll just list some things below. After getting everything together for our soup we were then given a stove to work on and we cooked everything. Once it was done we all gathered in the eating room and sat on the floor to try our meals. It was nice having this as a social time because we got to meet some great people! On our car ride there we met 2 girls who were traveling alone. One is from Germany and the other from England! While we are eating our soup we met 2 best friends who were traveling together like Christina and I! They are from Vancouver and we chatted with them a lot. 

We then proceeded to make Panang Curry Paste and Panang Curry with Pork. Our next meal was chosen from a list of stir fry meals and we went with Chicken with Basil Leaves. Our instructors, camp &a art, were great! They both had us laughing the entire time and Camp, the junior manager, kept telling me he wanted to cut off my hair and take it home with him! He joked with us about going out and dancing with him and he even showed us what you are supposed to when you are done cooking. You say done while thrusting your hips forward. I’m pretty sure it’s just a silly joke and not actually a Thai tradition. 

While we sat and ate again we had a super cool guy from Costa Rica join our table. He was originally from Canada but said he’s lived in Costa Rica most of his life. He’s currently traveling until he runs out of money. It seems to be the thing most travelers do. They just save up, quit their jobs and travel as long as they can. Between him and the Vancouver girls we all talked about how we got to Chiang Mai. The girls did an overnight train like we did but they told us a crazy story! Apparently there was a small group of people in their train car who were drinking and doing drugs all night and one of the guys ended up overdosing and died in the middle of the night. They said they had to stop somewhere for an hour while paramedics tried to re start his heart but there was nothing they could do. You could tell they were both a little shaken up over it. We shared that our train experience wasn’t the best so the Costa Rica guy told us about how he took a bus and it was great! The seats went back, they gave them blankets and food and even made a stop somewhere where they had a free buffet and bathroom break. It’s so nice learning other people’s stories and getting traveling advice!

After that we moved on to making an appetizer and dessert. I learned how to make fresh spring rolls with wet rice paper and veggies. Christina learned how to make fried spring rolls with dry rice paper and egg. Same same, but different. The dessert we choose was sticky rice with mango! Neither of us had ever had it before so it was fun to try something new. Camp even showed us how to make our rice blue by using a type of blue flower and coconut milk and cooking it over medium heat! Camp gave me the job of putting the rice on everyone’s plate and joked with me about how if I made a mess I would be charged 500 bhat. To joke back with him I told him he had to pay me for my hair. He was just really silly so it made our time there better! 

All of the food we learned to cook was delicious so we hope we can use some of our new skills to cook for our families when we get home. They gave us a cookbook so we should be fine!
When it was time to leave we got back in the car and headed back to hug Bed. I sat upfront this time because I seem to get really car sick here. It was nice because I chatted with the girl who drove us and learned that she has lived in Chiang Mai her whole life. She’s 23 and has 1 younger sister. Her birthday is in March like mine so we bonded over that. She also asked me how old I was and was really surprised when I said I’ll be 26 soon. She told me that I looked really young so of course I want to be her best friend now! We even took selfies together lol. I also joined in on the conversation Christina was having in the back with the other girls and we all got on the topic of driving. In America we seem to have the youngest age! Both girls from Germany and England said they don’t get to start learning until they are 16 and don’t get their license until they turn 17. They also have to pay a lot of money to take lessons and take the test. Our driver told us that in Thailand you can’t get your license until you are 18 but you can get a motor scooter license when you are 16. It’s just really interesting learning about other countries and how other people live. Christina said that when she was talking to the girls in the back they both told her that they were solo travelers! Girl power right there! I could never travel along in a different country! I’m so thankful to have Christina here with me! 

I started feeling really home sick yesterday but it think it’s because I was able to video chat with my family and we got to spend a while video chatting with Magen. It’s just a strange feeling being all the way on the other side of the world. Christina’s been helpful in making me feel better and Magen told us this morning that we both need to try and forget missing home and remember that we are here for a reason and doing this for a reason. I keep reminding myself that in a few weeks I’ll be wishing I was back here instead of Savannah. 
Today we visited an incredible temple here in Chiang Mai! We wanted to make it to the famous White Temple and see the hill tribes but we just don’t have enough time in each city to do everything. The older lady that works here at our hostel told us “if you come to Chiang Mai and do lent got to the temple on Doi Suthep then you didn’t even come to Chiang Mai at all” 
Doi means mountain in Thai, Wat means temple and Soi mean ally. We’re learning a little bit! We already knew how to say hello but we also just learned how to say thank you. Anyways, Wat Pharthat Doi Suthep Rajvoravihara is Chain Mai’s most sacred temple. It lies on top of a mountain and has a beautiful story behind it. I am going to write all about it in another post later on.

As always, thanks for following our journey! 
Xoxo Jayme 

Chiang Mai Update (Elephant Adventure Included) 

Put your reading glasses on because this is a long post! 
I know it’s been a few days since I have given an update but to be honest we are having the time of our lives here and haven’t had much time to sit and reflect on our days. We’ve been trying to keep up with our adventures in our shared journal but I forget to keep things up to date on my phone so I’ll try my best here. We have been non stop for the past few days and when we do have down time we are passed out in our beds.

Aoi Hostel – after a 12 hour over night train we checked into our first hostel here in Chiang Mai. It’s less than $5 USD a night so we had the whole “you get what you pay for” in the back of our minds. That is a true statement right there. The hostel it’s self is not so bad but the way the showers are here in Thailand is a little different. You shower in the same area where the toilets are so it’s kind of gross when you have to pee right after someone else just showered. What makes it worse here is that we are pretty sure the bathrooms aren’t cleaned often. The employees here are wonderful but a tad bit unprofessional. But that’s part of the vibe and experience. The owner is Joe and we didn’t see much of him. He’s a local and I believe he took over the hostel from his mom. Him and his girlfriend have a dog that lives here which was super cute. We first met Ryan, a guy from the states! He checked us in and let us leave our bags in the lobby until our beds were open. We had time to go explore a little of Chiang Mai.

First stop was a coffee shop because Chiang Mai is know for their coffee and teas! Christina got a Thai coffee and I got an iced Thai tea! Best I’ve ever had! We then made our way to an American restaurant for a fresh salad wrap! After walking around the city for a bit we went and moved into our dorm room. We stayed in a 10 bed mixed dorm and had bottom bunks across from each other. It’s kind of hard to describe what staying here was like unless you’ve experienced a cheap hostel before. We’re not even sure if they changed the sheets after each person. Thankfully we prepared ourselves for travel and had locks for our bags and a safe with and extendable lock to lock our bags to the bed. Staying in a room with other travelers can be a bit nerve wrecking but it wasn’t that bad. 
We napped and then went to a bar around the corner called Loco Elvis. Like I said before, the locals love American music lol. After a few margaritas we went back to our hostel and had full intentions of going to bed but that all changed when Ryan invited us out with them! That’s when I met Xavier (Christina met him in the lobby earlier). Both Xavier and Ryan were very welcoming and didn’t mind having us tag along. They both are from the states but now live in Chiang Mai and work/live at the hostel. They have turned the hang out room into their bedroom for the most part. We met so many great people this night! Some staying in our dorm and some who were just mutual friends of other travelers. Selvie & Simon were 2 Dutch guys around our age who knew how to have a good time! We spent the night dancing to EDM and techno music at a club with them all while they tried to teach us how to shuffle. Danielle and Anja were also there and had previously met each other in India and met back up during their travels here in Thailand. Danielle had only learned how to speak English just 6 months ago! We loved hearing about their travel experience and hearing about where they are off to next. All of them thought we were from the UK because of how we talk. There was also another girl and I completely forgot her name. Her and Ryan seemed to be a thing and she kept feeding Christina and I her bucket of rum. We got so lucky to have met such a wonderful group of people. They welcomed us with open arms and all told us that Thailand was the perfect spot for our first international travel trip. By the way when we all left as a group from the hostel, the cute dog that lives there walked with us most of the way. She was so sweet, not sure where she ended up after we got to the club. After the bars we ended up going back to Danielle and Anja’s hotel where we met even more of their friends and learned about more travel experience. Anja was even kind enough to offer us some of her goodies she got from a local Rasta bar. Selvie was my favorite person we met that night! He told us all about his travels and life experiences! We all ended up outside on the patio at one point talking with everyone and Selvie just had us cracking up. Danielle added me on Facebook so that we can message in English to help her better her understanding. Across the street there was a man changing and Selvie got all hot and bothered because he was a black guy and in his words “he has dark skin so he’s got a big, you know”. He told us all about his plans to attend the world largest gay pride celebration and that we should come with him! He also told us that the night before after drinking he went back to Aoi Hostel and found someone passed out in his bed. We all eventually walked back to our hostel where Christina and I made the decision to go to bed while half of the group went out after hours to the underground secret bars to play pool. 

The next morning we didn’t wake until 1pm so clearly we had a good time! We spent the day exploring and eating delicious Thai food! We were still trying to learn the map at this point! Old Town Chiang Mai is basically one big square surrounded by main roads and rivers so it’s easy to navigate once you understand it. A nice French girl at our hostel suggested some cool places to go and we got completely lost while trying to find s coffee shop. We ended up at the night bazaar and markets. We spent way too much money on gifts for people but really things here are so cheap that it doesn’t really matter. 
The next day was our big elephant adventure! Before coming to Thailand we both knew that a day with elephants was a must do for us! The problem is that we wanted to find a place where we felt the elephants weren’t being used just for show or being treated unethically. A lot of people don’t understand that elephant tourism here is a problem and that riding an elephant in the jungle is not safe for them! Elephants are not meant to spend 12 hours a day with humans on their back. It greatly damages their spines and depresses them. We choose a company called Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. They are big on advertising NO RIDING but a lot of places say that and lie. We read reviews and took a look at their website and decided that we liked them. 
We were picked up in our hostel lobby around 8am and taken to a “taxi”. It’s a truck where the bed has been turned into a seating area. There was already a couple inside and we later made friends with them! They are from the middle of Canada and have been together for 10 years! Both were extremely friendly and gave us a lot of suggestions on places to visit while we were in town. We then picked up the rest of the group! A family of 4 from England who were on their first international adventure as a family. Their daughter was around 22 and lives/works in Australia so they all met half way to explore Thailand. She had been to the jungle before and told us how much she loved it! The other couple was from New Zealand and recently quit their full time jobs to travel the world for a year. We felt kind of small only telling them we were traveling for 3 weeks but everyone keeps saying it’s a good start! We had a great group of people to spend the day with! 

The ride was rough! We spent 2 hours in the back of this truck with the last 30 minutes being spent driving up a mountain. Now I’m sure you can imagine what being in the back of a truck on a mountain is like but it’s way worse than what you’re thinking! We basically were off roading the whole time on an unpaved road and speeding around all the turns and curves ( the road in under construction so maybe next time it won’t be so bad). The driver was honking every five seconds to warn other cars we were going around the sharp curve. Needless to say I got extremely car sick. Hell, I get car sick driving around Savannah if I’m in the back seat. I didn’t think I would make it! Christina and I both just kind of laughed at each other the whole time and then laughed with the Canadian couple because no one else seemed to be phased by the crazy driving. 
Fast forward to getting there! We made it to the top of the mountain and had to walk some pretty crazy paths to get to the village where we began our day. Thank god my ankle is pretty much healed or else I would not have been able to make it. We ended up at a small village area where the shelter looked like something off of the show survivor! It was so cool to see the handy work that went into making the place. We were given an introduction and learned about the 3 female elephants we were going to spend the day with. All 3 were rescued from training places and brought to the jungle to live free happy lives. The company originally started with allowing visitors to ride them but soon changed their rules after noticing the negative effect it had on their elephants. They told us that the elephants became depressed and once they stopped they noticed a huge change in their moods. Their ears were flapping again! Apparently that a sign for a happy elephant. The youngest one was 18 and the oldest was 37. We had to hike up a pretty crazy area of the mountain to finally get to see them but it was well worth it! Over hills and makeshift bridges over rivers that make you question if you want to die that day or not. Although it was pretty scary it was also kind of amazing to see a completely different way of living and to see true survival skills put into action.

On top of the hills we met the 3 elephants. I can’t even remember their names 😦 but we greeted them with fresh fruit and corn! We spent time feeding, petting, and hugging them! After maybe 15 minutes of that we then followed them into the jungle where we got to see how they act in their natural habitat. Being guided into a jungle by elephants is pretty fucking cool! One of the elephants was pretty slow so it took us a little while to catch up to the first half of the group. Watching this huge creature maneuver it self through rough terrain was a sight to see! 
We ended up in an area with a river where we spent an hour or 2 just observing them! One went one way to eat some trees. One with across the river and tore down some branches and one plopped herself right into the water and started rolling around. That was the highlight of my day!!! Here we are in the jungle on top of a mountain watching a animal that weight at least a ton just rolling around in the water. How can life get any better than that? After some time the 2 other elephants joined in and we watched as all 3 of them jumped, rolled, splashed, and completely submerged themselves into the river.
We were then guided back to the camp area but took a different route. This was terrifying but so cool all at the same time! Walking along a tiny path along the edge of a cliff where at any moment or wrong move you’d fall to your death (or get pretty hurt) was liberating! We spent the next hour taking a break and having lunch that the local woman made for us. After lunch we were given a lesson on elephant holistic health and got to watch healthy treats be made! They mix rice, tamarind, black pepper, bananas & something else I can’t remember and ball it up as a daily treat to keep their digestive systems clean. 
Soon after, we met the elephants down at the watering hole (bath tub). It looks to be man made and is where we had time to play in the water with them and scrub them down! You can’t be afraid to get a little dirty and wet here! The staff threw water at everyone and we all basically took a bath together. It was kind of like being at beach bum but with elephants! We then moved to the mud pit and got to cover them in mud and had time for a group photo. We said goodbye to the babies and watched them make their way back into the jungle.

We all washed up and shortly made our crazy hike back to the top of the mountain where the road was. I honestly thought I was going to die! One because it was like being on the stair master at the gym but on full speed for like 5 hours but I was also not looking forward to the drive back down to civilization. Thank god we made friends with the Canadian couple because they gave both of us something called gravel which is a motion sickness pill. Halfway down I still got extremely sick but managed to not puke my brains out. We ended up taking a little break at a gas station where we had time to chill out and relax. We dropped off some our group but ended up going to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary office with the Canadian couple to pay for the rest of the trip (we only paid a deposit online) we also got some cool free shirts as a keepsake. 
I know I speak for both Christina and I when I say that this experience was a once in a lifetime thing to do! I honestly wish I had the time to type more details but really I don’t want to because it was a special moment for us that only we will ever be able to understand.
As for today, we checked out of Aoi and didn’t even want to take the time to shower because we were just over it at this point. We finally found the coffee shop we’ve been looking for and it was perfect! Its considered on of the many secret gardens here so I’ll let the pictures do the talking

We are now all nestled in to our new hostel called Hug Bed and both just took the best showers ever! This place is so clean and so refreshing! We are staying in a 6 bed female dorm and have pod style bunks so it feels a little more private. I’m laying in the top bunk fully content while Christina is below possibly sleeping.
Content is a word we both have been using a lot here. I LOVE this city and can honestly see myself living here one day. Christina keeps getting moments of feeling fully content while we are just sitting enjoying a meal. I completely understand what she’s talking about. Our new hostel has a balcony view of one of the main roads and we just finished up some laundry! Our clothes are hanging outside to air dry. It feels nice to feel clean for the first time in week! 
I know there is so much more to talk about but I’ll leave all of that for only Christina and I to remember from this trip.
I also wish you could taste the food here!
Thank you guys so much for keeping up with us and for supporting this journey we are on.
Xoxo Jayme 

Over Night Train To Chiang Mai! 

I’m laying in a bed on a train right now. The staff member just put the sheets on and gave us curtains to cover our area. We just made our way back from the bathroom and it was my first time experiencing the squat potty! You enter a small metal room with no toilet. Just two spots to plant your feet and a hole in the middle. Thank god I only had to pee! It’not as easy as it sounds because you’re on a moving train. These style of bathrooms are not very common anymore but they used to be all Thailand had. Not gonna lie. This is a strange experience for me and I feel a tad bit uncomfortable but you will never progress in life without being outside of your comfort zone. 

Christina is in the bed above me but I won’t see her smiling face until morning. She’s the only person I have here so we are of course each others comfort while being on foreign territory. I don’t know how people do solo travel. I mean that’s pretty bad ass but I don’t think I could ever do it. We spoke earlier today about how no matter what, we are now bonded for life! No one besides us will ever understand what we are going through and what kind of change this experience is going to bring us. Pretty cool. 

We were able to watch the super bowl during breakfast and feel a little closer to home. Until the falcons lost that is. Now we’re just going to pretend like we didn’t see it and take back what we said about wishing we were home to watch it with everyone. It was a decent game and I’m sure the disappointment in everyone back home is pretty high. 
I’m going to try and get some sleep but we will see how well that goes considering this train is loud and bumpy. I’m sure we will add more in the morning and post this whenever we get to our next hostel. 

Best sleep so far! I guess the movement of the train helped after all. 

WE’RE HERE! We arrived a couple hours ago and went to Aoi Hostel. We weren’t able to check in yet but they let us leave our bags. We stopped for a traditional Thai Tea (iced) and now we found a restaurant called The Salad Concept! Thank god because I’ve been craving a salad for a few days now. 

Chiang Mai is beautiful so far and I can already tell we are going to like it here. We spend 3 days at Aoi Hostel and then move to another one called Hug Bed 🙂 

More to come soon! 

Xoxo Jayme 

The Grand Palace 

Today’s post is going to be a short one because there is no way I can put into words how wonderful yesterday was.
We took our time getting ready in the morning and accidentally missed breakfast. We ended up walking down the street to grab some street food and more water. I don’t think I mentioned before but you have to drink bottled water here. We sat in the cafe area of our hostel and enjoyed pork dumplings, grilled bananas, sticky rice & meatballs. 

Yesterday was our day dedicated to visiting the Grand Palace! For those of you who don’t know what the Palace is here is a little history. It is the grounds where multiple religious buildings sit. This includes temples, halls & old living quarters. Up until 1925, The Grand Palace was where the King, his court & the royal government lived. The Grand Palace has been around since 1782 and is filled with the most beautiful handcrafted buildings I have ever seen. The pictures here don’t even begin to show you how beautiful the detailing is. The grounds are still used for religious ceremonies and other special events. 

Recently the Thailand King (Bhumibol Adulyadej) Rama IX passed away. He was loved and worshiped by all and you can truly feel the sadness the locals are feeling. Everywhere you go there are shrines for him where people can pay their respects. At his time of death he held the longest reign as a King in history right at 70 years. A new King (his son I believe) was just sworn in last month so things here are undergoing some changes. When we were at the temples, locals were praying for the new King. 

Unfortunately we weren’t able to go inside the physical temples because they had a special ceremony going on. We were able to see a glimpse of the Emerald Buddha but weren’t allowed in because there was a prayer being held. 
The grounds are an extremely spiritual place and visitors must be modestly dressed. Shoulders, legs, ankles, & feet must all be covered. Should you forget this rule, they have clothes for rent outside of the grounds. 
The mosaic design was so beautiful it pretty much takes your breath away. I know that sounds silly but I honestly have never seen anything like it! My favorite building was filled with purple and gold accents. I also found that the statues with red and gold were some of my favorites as well. When you take a closer look at the buildings and run your hands across them you really get a feel for how important this place is and how much work went into creating it. I couldn’t help but to get teary eyed. All I can really say is you must see this place for yourself one day! 

During our time there we met two American girls who happened to be from Alabama! We took pictures for each other and learned that Maggie & Marilyn were finishing up their final day of their 5 weeks of traveling. It was nice chatting with some fellow southern girls. Hope you ladies made it back safe! 

Last night we decided to walk across the alley to a hair braiding salon and did something Christina and I have both been wanting to do for a long time. WE GOT DREADS!! No I’m not kidding lol. Just 2 each but we both love them! It was a little hole in the wall shop but they did great work. They used our own hair as well as some extensions to make them longer. There was a street cat trying to play with the string while they were wrapping my hair lol. 

We checked out of Laksameenari Guesthouse today and will miss it! Please stay here if you ever find yourself in Bangkok. I highly recommend it. The host is so wonderful and even gave us a parting gift.
Currently we are sitting at the Bangkok central train station awaiting our overnight train to Chiang Mai! Just to give you an example of just how important their king was to them.. there is a huge tv playing clips from when he died and also playing music dedicated to him.  Our train won’t be here for another 5 hours so we have time to kill. We’re excited to see Chiang Mai. 
We miss you guys! 
Xoxo Jayme 

Chatuchak Weekend Market & Khao San Road 

Have you ever been invited to a “p*ssy ping pong show”? Well we have. Read below to find out more. 
This city should be the city that never sleeps.

A few highlights and quick update.
It’s 10:30am here and I’m just waking up from a good nights sleep. Christina is still sleeping but I should be waking her up soon because we have a day of visiting landmarks planned. We accidentally slept itln so we’ve missed the free breakfast lol.
Yesterday we managed to successfuly take the public bus to our destination for the day. Christina sat next to a super sweet Thai woman who loves Tiger Woods & Hillary Clinton lol. It’s funny the things the locals say to try and relate to us. The woman was extremely nice! She even told the woman working on the bus which stop we wanted to go to so that we wouldn’t miss it. She offered up her seat so I could sit next to Christina and rubbed my shoulder and hald my hand before leaving. When she was chatting with Christina she told her she had a sweet face and wished her good luck on her travels in Thailand. On the way back we got on the wrong bus and no one spoke English, unlike the first bus. A very nice local woman behind us managed to try to explain that we were wrong so we got off and opted for a taxi instead. As our taxi driver was taking us back to our side of town we searched through his collection of CDs and put in one with American music. We thought it was funny and thoughtful for him to want to make us feel comfortable. We sang along to Whitney Houston with him lol! 

We spent the day at Chatuchak Weekend Market. It’s a massive outdoor market with over 2,000 vendors selling all kinds of goods. We did a good job shopping and are getting pretty good and understanding the money here. It’s HOT and humid here just like how it feels in August back home so after 5 hours of shopping I was ready to leave. 

We relaxed when we got back and organized our goodies. We decided to have a chill dinner here at our guest house down in the lobby. We shared spring rolls and pad thai. Christina had an iced coffee and I had a Thai beer called Chang. 
After dinner we took a nap before our big night out. We took some time to experience the popular Khao San Road night life. It’s a 5 minute walk from our hostel and so full of life! It’s hard to even explain it. It’s full of bars, restaurants & vendors. Every bar has music blasting from all corners. All of it is American music or Djs mixing house & edm. Everywhere you walk someone is trying to get you to buy something or trying to get you to come to their bar. 

There are people holding signs for laughing gas which we later found out is literally laughing gas in an inflated balloon that you inhale. We didn’t find this out from experience, we researched it and also found out it’s very illegal. Ever been invited to a p*ssy ping pong show? Well we have. We didn’t partake in viewing the show but I’m sure it’s a sight to see. I won’t explain exactly what it is but it involves Thai woman on stage bouncing ping pong balls. I’ll just let your imagination do the exploring here. We found ourselves at a nice bar called Super Flow. It has a club/beach vibe to it (fake sand included). The employees were nice and the band sounded great. They kept giving us shout outs because we seemed to be the only one clapping/cheering for them. Christina and I shared a bucket of Thai rum mixed with limes and sprite. It was more than enough for the two of us for the night. 

On our walk home we stopped for some food and were approached by 2 men who scared me at first but we’re both very nice. The first one tapped me on the shoulder and said hello to me like he knew me. The 4 of us chatted for a bit and we learned that they were from Holland. Michael, the first guy has been to Thailand 8 times and he brought his friend along this time because he has never been. They basically offered for us to go back to their hotel with them but we kindly turned it down and they went on their way to the next group of girls lol. I don’t think they meant any harm in it but it’s just crazy to see how different cultures are. 

Koh San Road is nothing but a big party, girls passed out on the side of the road and everything. Christina and I described it as being at a music festival but with bars and more alcohol . A woman working at one of the shoe vendors told me I looked like Elsa because of my hair ( it was in a braid) and while we were at the market buying hand stitched coverups the owner asked us where we were from and when we told her she got all excited and asked if we have ever been to Coachella and how she hopes she can go one day lol. 

Xoxo Jayme